This is a collection of inter-linked, true stories about my remarkable family. Each story can be read as a separate entity and follows the life of a particular individual. My Browning clan and their diverse offshoots provide enough material for a long running soap drama, a series of Victorian melodramas, with enough left over to fill a good sized history book of the Middle Ages.

Each story is as accurate as can be ascertained at the time of writing, but don’t be surprised if the stories are updated as new, often sensational, information regularly drops through the email letter box of my computer.

I began my research at Christmas 2004, after finding just two names on a scrap of paper. One was my grandfather and the other was thought to be his uncle, but turned out to be the name of his father. My own father was told by his mother he had little close family on the Browning side, but as things have turned out, nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, I have thousands of names on the Browning  family scroll, but not just a list of people, but material that describes places and events, giving an insight into the day to day lives of my ancestors.

Not all these people lived in Frome and some of the key figures who did, stayed there just a short while; but without doubt, it is the epicentre of the action. If there is one place that influenced the family we became, it is this sleepy Somerset town  – although when the Browning family walked the streets it was one of the major towns of the West of England and the industrial heart of Somerset.

Enjoy my Frome Fables.


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