My Family at War

Several members of my extended family served in the military and fought for their country in some of the bloodiest battles in modern history. ‘My Family at War’ is a collection of war stories and military experiences, some biographical, written or spoken by the person themself, whilst others have been pieced together, trying to match what is known about the soldier’s life, with the military and social history of the time.

We have men who fought in India and South Africa during the 19th century and in both World Wars of the 20th century. Two of our family members fought alongside soldiers who were awarded the Victoria Cross. One family of six brothers served a total of almost 200 years for King, Queen and Country, stretching all the way from the Boer War in South Africa, to the early days of World War Two. All appear to be very brave men, who generally volunteered to serve and they include a couple of very old recruits, who had their first taste of military service in their fifties.

A couple of the stories are edited sections of longer biographies, which appear in these Frome Fables, but in the main, ‘My Family at War’ represents a totally new tranche of material for my family histories.

These stories can be found at ;


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